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A simple network forensic technique on your iPhone: How to track someone down!

There’s a simple network forensic technique.

The wife of the president of Don Quijote in Kishu has been arrested as a suspect in his murder.
She was arrested because the GPS information collected from the confiscated smartphone of a drug dealer had matched the date, time, and location of the information gathered from the phone of the victim’s wife.

If you are wondering how high-tech this is, you can try checking your phone as follows.
★Go to “Settings” → “Privacy” → “Location services” → “System services” → “Significant locations”
Here, you can find a list of cities and wards that you have visited in the past.

It was also the information collected from this feature that had led to the arrest of former parliamentarian Katsuyuki Kawai and his wife in March of last year by exposing their activities. A member of the LDP Hiroshima City Council testified as follows during an interview.

“I was contacted by the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutors Office in late March for an interview. I was asked to turn over my smartphone, which I passed to the prosecutor. During the interview, the prosecutor asked me if I had met Katsuyuki anywhere in Hiroshima on a certain day of May last year and the time I met him. I checked my notebook, and that was indeed the day I was with Katsuyuki. I told the prosecutor that he was right, and he explained that he had found out because Katsuyuki’s app location history matched mine.

The app even identified the day on which Katsuyuki had tried to give me money and told me things like ‘You won’t get into trouble even if you accept it.’ When I went through the history, I realized we were together for less than five minutes, yet the prosecutor had found out so much information. I was really surprised.”

Since that episode, some lawmakers in Nagata-cho have switched to using flip phones instead. (laughs)
I no longer have any privacy just because I own a smartphone, and now that I’ve even bought Apple’s Air Tag…

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