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Speedy Resorts : A Concept of Resort that Becomes United with the Wind

Architectural Design by Atelier Tete


I believe that building a house (resort development) is about turning the landscape of a town into art. I was reminded of a talk that Mr. Seijun Nishihata used to give to architects in a lecture held in the “BUTSUGAKU Research Institute” led by Mr. Masayuki Kurokawa. “Do you design your buildings based on the nature of their location? Or do you start with the architectural design?” This is a very exciting question. The relationship between buildings and nature is inseparable. The history of humankind has progressed through the conflict with nature and how to control it. No architectural design can ignore nature. On the other hand, if we only deal with nature, we will not be able to live a human life at all. I do not like the term ” living together with nature.” The act of architecture is a proof of human civilization, and in a sense it is an anti-natural (but not unnatural) act. I think it is important to see how much we can incorporate nature into our lives to improve our civilized way of life. Now, I would like to talk about Speedy Resort in Okinawa. Here at Hyakuna Beach in Okinawa, facing the Pacific Ocean, typhoons strike relentlessly. Three years ago, we recorded a wind speed of 68 meters. In the past year, we have experienced some storms although they were not that big. The scary part of typhoons is not only the wind, but also its pressure. A newly built roof may be blown off or a car may be overturned because of the wind. What is more frightening, however, is when the wind pressure pulls out the glass of a window and the house itself receives all the wind. The worst that can happen is that the entire house is then blown away. Speedy Resort will protect all windows from pressure with a special mesh called hurricane fabric. In addition, the exterior of the building will be changed to a rounded design with a plastered finish as much as possible so that the wind can flow through it. I believe that beautiful plastered finishes will be more integrated with the town than special durable tiles that are resistant to stains. We decided to use plastered finishes abundantly also for the interior. It is hoped that the house will become a part of the landscape, not just a house itself.
◆Reference BUTSUGAKU Research Institute – Masayuki Kurokawa

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↓ The following is an excerpt from VOGUE LIVING (Australia)
The Greek-style painted walls are beautiful. The owner of this house is Rebecca Korner.
https://www.instagram.com/kornerinteriors/An interior designer’s unexpectedly textured house on Mykonos
(Mykonos – a Greek island in Cyclades in the middle of Aegean Sea)