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A hint for longevity: The king of Okinawan weeds “Bidens Pilosa” is creating a healthy world “Joy Koubou & Chaya” (Joy Studio & Teahouse)

Kimie Yogi hit rock bottom after losing her husband about 10 years ago.
It was then that she says she first set her eyes on “Bidens Pilosa” (the weed that grows on the roadside and is responsible for those little black prickles that get stuck in your socks and pants).
Bidens Pilosa grows all throughout Okinawa and is considered the king of weeds. I thought to myself “I wonder if even this hated weed could be useful for something?”. In 2012 I opened “Joy Koubou & Chaya” using Bidens Pilosa as a main ingredient. It’s so powerful!
There is a wide variety of products available, including Bidens Pilosa tea, soba, honey and jelly. The rustic store was overflowing with kind words.
Furthermore, Bidens Pilosa has some amazing effects! It helps lower fever, assists with detoxification, has diuretic effects, reduces swelling, and provides pain relief.
In addition Meiji Pharmaceutical University and Ryukyu University are conducting research into its use as a natural drug and screening it for its usefulness in preventing cancer.
At the Musashino Research Institute of Immunity in Tokyo they have proven the effects of the components frybon and tannin on atopic dermatitis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and improved blood flow, and are now looking at production on a commercial basis. Bidens Pilosa really is amazing.
Bidens Pilosa tea is also nice. It might be nice mixed with baobab leaves too.
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