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How a single fool creates an entire movement: The right relationship between leaders and followers

Every morning at a construction site, the boss and his young trainees sit in a circle for a morning briefing.
The boss says, “Do you know that cryptocurrency has become very popular these days? You must think it’s odd that you can make money without doing anything. It’s normal to feel that way. Work is something we do steadily without stopping.”
I really think so, specifically the part about how work is something we do steadily without stopping. I think that’s the case for both physical and intellectual work.
By the way, this video was taken at the “Sasquatch! Music Festival” that is held annually at George, Washington, USA. As the man starts dancing cheerfully by himself, the people around him started to dance with him.
Michael Novogratz (CEO of Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency commercial bank) tells us that this video is the perfect depiction of the future of cryptocurrency!
He explains, “At first, the dancing man looks like a fool, but eventually the ones who are not dancing look like fools. […] Bitcoin is not just a currency; it is a social movement. It has already gained enough supporters to transform our society.”
What does everyone think?
Sasquatch music festival 2009 – Guy starts dance party
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