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For the Future of Life Science : Donation to Takatsuki Senior High School, Educational Foundation of Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University

At the request of my alma mater, “Takatsuki Senior High School, Educational Foundation of Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University,” I made a donation and contributed a computer.
(1) Donation to QI Management Unit, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University.
The donation will be used for “Development of a method to predict the occurrence of medical accidents by analyzing electronic health records using machine learning.”
The subject is written in a very difficult way, but for example, it will be easy to analyze the spread of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus with AI, and use the findings to help the clinical environment. Therefore, this is very important research.
(2) Takatsuki Senior High School has a course called “SSH” (Super Science High-school).
The purpose of this course is “to develop professionals in the life sciences with a background in data science.”
I met Mr. Yanagisawa, who was a member of the Information Group in his first year of high school and is now in his second year of high school.
He is interested in AI and has already passed the G Exam. He is smart! I decided to donate a computer here. He is a clever young man who reminds me of Takatsuki Senior High School students, and I look forward to his future!
Our country has been slow to invest in life sciences, and the research activities are not as active as other developed countries.
I hope that the novel coronavirus will be a trigger for our society to become more interested in science.
I encourage everyone to invest in the future of life science.
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