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Everything interesting was created by Masaru Uchida! (His remembrance day is May 30)

Today is the anniversary of Masaru Uchida’s passing. 13 years have passed since he passed away…
This photo shows the front page of the booklet that I compiled for the “Funeral Meeting” on the first anniversary of his passing.

To summarize what an amazing person the late Uchida was…
1. He became the editor in chief of “Weekly Shonen Magazine” at 30 years old and successfully increased the publication quantity from 0.3 million to 1.5 million copies in just 5 years.
2. Together with Shoji Otomo, he dug up “Ultra Q”, a production abandoned by Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd., and started the Kaiju (monster) trend.
3. Became the pioneer of otaku (hobbyist) culture, such as toy gun presents, world stamp collections, train hobbyists, and more.
4. Introduced the concept of story writers for manga (comics) and produced blockbuster works from Ikki Kajiwara like “Star of the Giants”, “Ashita no Joe”, and “Tiger Mask”.
5. Realized the first media mix (printed publication and TV) project. Collaborated with Toei Company Ltd. to produce animated series by Shigeru Mizuki, like “GeGeGe no Kitaro”, “Kamen Rider”, and more. *Toei’s TV business was still very weak at that time.

I met Mr. Uchida when I was working for Sony to establish Animax, and when I founded Sony Digital Entertainment, he became our first Advisor. I remember him saying, “I will give advice but won’t participate in debates”, and I am very grateful for his perfect coaching towards me as a newbie company president. His presence as an advisor with rich experience was indispensable to my management career. While I called the shots as the President, his advice that was based on history and experience still serves as a guiding hand in my management decisions today.

It was thanks to Mr. Uchida that I was able to work with and communicate with the likes of Kazuo Umezu, Fujio Fujiko (A), Leiji Matsumoto, Shigeru Mizuki, Takao Yaguchi, Fujio Akatsuka, Go Nagai, Yasuji Tanioka, and Kenji Morita.

“3 Key Qualities of a Leader” that Mr. Uchida often championed
1. Eat and drink well (health and longevity increases business opportunities)
2. Have a loud voice (excellent communication skills)
3. Do not lie (Improve trust and credibility)

While Mr. Uchida is no longer with us, the countless legendary works that he produced will continue to fascinate people.
Additionally, his various teachings about leadership will continue to serve as my guiding hand.
Please continue to watch over us from heaven!

Please read the record of his address to the employees a few months before his passing despite his ailments.
Last Message from Masaru Uchida, the legendary editor who produced “Star of the Giants” and “GeGeGe no Kitaro” http://talked.jp/02/

◆My blog on the day of his passing, May 30, 2008
I am still standing at the Y-shaped crossroad…

◆The cover of the Magazine by Tadanori Yokoo

Trivia: The cover of the Magazine that was planned by Mr. Uchida and executed by Tadanori Yokoo for their 10th New Year’s edition had a controversial design that featured Yasuji Tanioka as a motif and it was rejected by the managers at Kodansha. This legendary collaboration never came to fruition after that. The design of this dream cover is still in the possession of Yasuji Tanioka’s widow.