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I thought about the prospect of settling in Japan from a foreigner’s point of view.

If I was a foreigner, I wouldn’t want to live in Japan, at least judging by global indicators.

(1) There is no diversity!
– No LGBTQ bills have been passed. (Although that could change by the end of the current session of the legislature…)
– The government has not addressed the growing problem of people being driven to suicide by anonymous posters on social networking services.

(2) The gender gap is the worst among developed countries.
– Even allowing couples to have separate surnames cannot gain acceptance.
– Women earn 60% of what men earn.

(3) The poverty rate for single-parent families in Japan is the worst among the Group of Seven countries.
– Single mothers are left in poverty.
– As a result, they cannot pay school lunch fees for their children.

(4) There is no awareness of social good. Environmental destruction does not stop.
– Thermal power generation is continuing.
– There are efforts to restart nuclear power plants.

(5) Too much overtime! Work style reforms do not make headway.
– Low productivity for hours worked among developed countries.
– Digital transformation is not progressing at all.

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