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VUILD Co. Ltd.: Building Houses Using 3D Printers (Dawn of Architecture Democratization!)

I met Koki Akiyoshi, the representative of VUILD Co. Ltd.
It is a startup with the vision of democratizing architecture.
It’s like Lego for adults, which got me really excited!

The process to build a house is…

1. Land Selection
Select your preferred area based on the landscape, community, and more, from lots offered by community hosts all over Japan.

2. Think about your way of life
Imagine and plan your ideal way of life and add features that you have given up on while living in the city, such as a study, studio, shop, or workshop.

3. Design the floor plan using an app 
Use the home design app that is currently being developed to draw the floor plan according to your requirements and instantly get the shape of your ideal home and the estimated cost. You can then compare and adjust the plans to fit your budget and requirements.

4. Decide home performance
Decide your home specifications according to the weather and local conditions. Depending on your budget, you can even make an eco-house or off-grid house by picking the right types of equipment, heat insulation thickness, and house fittings.
Additionally, you may also choose to install the decentralized water upcycling system, “WOTA BOX” (by WOTA Corp.), that has been making news recently.

5. Assemble your home
Fabricate the parts for your home from local timber using a “ShopBot”—3D wood CNC router—available in the region. With the guidance of experts, enjoy assembling your house with your family and friends as if building a plastic action figure.

That’s all! Sounds awesome, right?!

It is the 4th year since the company was founded. Their journey began in 2018 when they launched the EMARF, a platform that allows laypersons to design their own custom furniture online and fabricate them with a 3D printer, enabling “local consumption of furniture using local materials.”

The “Marebito no ie” constructed in a semi-mountainous region of Toyoma won the Good Design Gold Award in 2020.

Fun fact: Koki Akiyoshi is from Osaka! (lol)
VUILD Co. Ltd. CEO. Born in Osaka in 1988.
After graduating from Shibaura Institute of Technology with a degree in Architecture, he majored in Digital Applications at the X-Design division of the Media Research team at Keio University’s graduate school.
Established VUILD Co. Ltd. in 2017 with the aim of “Democratizing Architecture.”
His major awards include the SD Review Nomination (2018), SD Review Nomination (2019), Under 35 Architects Exhibition Gold Medal (2019), Good Design Gold Award (2020)

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