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Behind the scenes at an art exhibition: MR.BRAINWASH’s exhibition organized by DDAA (Shinsaibashi PARCO)

Let’s take a look at what goes on behind the scenes at an art exhibition.

DDAA was in charge of setting up the venue for the Los Angeles-based artist MR.BRAINWASH’s exhibition “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” (November 20th to December 6th, 2020), which was held last year at Shinsaibashi PARCO.

DDAA is an organization headed by Daisuke Motogi that conducts experimental design and research based on architectural ideas spanning various fields such as architecture, urban services, landscaping, interior design, and product design.

Daimaru’s historic North Building has been renovated and transformed into the new PARCO, but the exhibition venue had a wood grain design that created movement instead of being a white cube that is ideal for hosting art exhibitions.

DDAA’s solution to this problem was to construct a wall with large blue rolls, an idea that allowed the diverse aesthetics of MR. BRAINWASH to be dynamically displayed at this wonderful venue.

In the course of planning, a miniature model of the venue was created and its details discussed many times. As the artist’s management team in Los Angeles was unable to visit Japan due to COVID-19, all information was shared with them through mobile phones with the necessary English annotations, as if they were guests at the exhibition.

Recently, it has become easier to create different perspectives with 3DCG. If art exhibitions can be managed with software such as BIM data in the same way as architecture, it would be possible for wonderful exhibitions to be organized on the road as part of a tour with multiple locations.

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Daisuke Motogi / DDAA designed the exhibition venue for “Dress Code: Are You Playing?” held at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.

MR.BRAINWASH’s exhibition “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” will be held to commemorate the launch of Shinsaibashi PARCO! (From November 20th)

MR.BRAINWASH’s exhibition “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” in commemoration of the launch of Shinsaibashi PARCO in Osaka is finally open!