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Tsuyoshi Ihara is performing in the play “Fakespeare” by Hideki Noda!

Tsuyoshi Ihara is performing in the play “Fakespeare” by Hideki Noda!
Is the liar calling the truth, the dead, or…?!
Hideki Noda’s first work in a year and a half has a quirky name: “Fakespeare”.
“Fake” means “false”, “inaccurate”, or “deception”. Fake “speech” is now running rampant on social media and even in the real world. Working on theatrical plays for almost 50 years now, “speech” is literally Noda’s livelihood, so he made up his mind to boldly tackle and deal with “speech”, during a time when “fake” is spreading like wildfire throughout the world, by writing this play.
The lead part will be played by Issei Takahashi, who will be participating in NODA・MAP for the first time. The chemistry between Takahashi, who has made successful appearances in various works, and an amazing team of equally competent performers with unique personalities paints a dense and bizarre story that is “Fakespeare”!!
Find out how Noda expresses the joy of live theater performances during this yet chaotic age that we live in. We hope you enjoy the latest passionate work of Hideki Noda.
Date: May 24 (Mon)–July 11 (Sun), 2021
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Theater “Playhouse”
Playwright & Director: Hideki Noda
Issei Takahashi
Jay Kabira, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Atsuko Maeda, Nozomi Muraoka
Kayoko Shiraishi, HIdeki Noda, Isao Hashizume
[Osaka Performance]
July 15 (Thu)–July 25 (Sun), 2021 Shinkabukiza Theater
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