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The things we believe can be unbelievable or things we have been made to believe…

Suddenly, I had a thought, “What a crazy world we live in,” I thought.

I was checking the news on the G7 while stuffing my mouth with chocolates. While scrolling down Twitter, I realized I was watching every little move of the people who decide the fate of the world.

Maybe we now know too much. With the media environment at the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, there was no way to know what was happening behind the scenes. If I did not know anything, I might have been able to show genuine support.

We who know too much about the 21st century cannot be happy because of the things we have come to know. Indeed, we now worry whether what we believe we know is actually something we have been told to prevent us from knowing something else.

Perhaps Japan’s prime minister chose not to bring a Korean interpreter to keep the South Korean president from saying, “Why don’t we sit down on this bench for a moment?” The US president can be angry about human rights violations in Russia and China while also trying to destroy countries in the Middle East and failing to resolve racial issues at home.

We may need to reconsider our beliefs and question whether we should believe in them.
It is for this reason that we wake up in the morning and check whether the same blue sky as yesterday continues to exist.