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A non-Euclidean space where we naturally laze around

I want to refute the theory that people (especially men) in the tropics are too lazy to work.

I can work on around five different projects in a day in Tokyo, but I can only do one in Okinawa. I have spent a year studying this intriguing problem.
It feels different even though we are on the same planet, and I eventually discovered something like a “knot” in the space here.
I have no doubt that the tropics have non-Euclidean space, something that resembles the space depicted in the artist M. C. Escher’s work “Relativity” (1953).
As I was doing stand up paddling, it was already evening! (shocked)
The incredibly short daylight hours in Okinawa mean that I could only work on one project at most in a single day. This discovery is proof that people in the tropics (especially men) should not be called lazy anymore.