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Why you should relax alone in the sauna

Recently, I often see bosses and their subordinates in saunas.

Every single time, the boss would be lecturing the subordinate about “getting his act together”.

However, it’s more like a test of willpower rather than getting his act together!

Yesterday, a subordinate was trying to gauge his boss’ expression as he eyed the cold bath.

Just to be clear, the sauna that I go to is not those trendy ones. I only go to the humble Shinbashi saunas. What’s the difference? Saunas in Japan usually don’t have Loyly (devices that generate steam). So, it’s really dry and it’s basically a dehydration endurance contest. Shinbashi saunas are probably the furthest thing from “getting your act together”.

I think subordinates who get dragged by their bosses to dry saunas that are devoid of any moisture, like the ones I go to, should sue their bosses for power harassment.