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Speedy Inc. has launched “AI Salon”.

Speedy Inc. has launched “AI Salon”.

Everyday, we read about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the news and in the media, but most companies do not know how to utilize it. When smartphones and social media became increasingly popular, it was necessary to study the ways in which they were used in corporate companies, like the characteristics of it and how to apply them.

Speedy Inc. will hold study seminars every month at Roppongi Hills Club. We had our first seminar with guest speaker, neuroscientist, Kenichiro Mogi. Kenichiro Mogi spoke of how we want to understand the global flow of AI and the radical ideas behind it. He talked extensively about the ethical issues of what makes AI cars evaluate an accident or impact, and personal injury.

We will post a follow up on our website, so please stay tuned!


The next AI Salon seminar with be held on June 20th at Roppongi Hills Club, with limited seats of 50.