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August 6. A day to think about peace.


August 6.

A day to think about peace.
Peace means achieving a society free of war and terrorism.
Japan should ratify the Nuclear Weapons Convention as the only country in the world where atomic bombs were dropped.
If Japan cannot do this, it is not qualified to talk about peace, nor is it willing to make permanent peace a reality.
Is violence the basic concept of the state? If peace can only be achieved by conquering with force, then we don’t need such a temporary truce kind of peace.
It is Japan, which has developed its economy without the use of force, that should be able to innovate for human development based on peace in the 21st century. The new branding of Japan, which has developed through manufacturing, should be based on the development of new technologies such as robotics, space exploration, natural energy, etc. We can do more with ゙.
Japan has never had the resources to cause a war, and being an island nation, it is not attacked by its neighbors on the land as in Europe. The advantage of having no national borders should be utilized more.
To pursue thoroughgoing peace, ratify the Nuclear Weapons Convention, invest in Fukushima recovery from the nuclear accident (do it right!) (3) Implement every conceivable labor policy to close the gender gap, and implement policies that recognize diversity (easy, isn’t it?). And, we can do more with immigration! I would like to see us become an SDG advanced country unparalleled in the world in such areas as these.
Of course, we don’t have a “home care” policy that leaves people with moderate coronary disease to die, but we can use 3D printers like in China. (or working with a skilled trading company to buy vaccines and oxygen cylinders from all over the world (or consulting with an incompetent advertising agency). (Are you a fool?). I think you should do what you can do.
Thinking about peace is not like an elementary school moral class that ends when it is over.
Everyone should think individually about the specific measures that need to be fixed, and then elect politicians who can realize their wisdom. In this coming fall’s general election, we must abandon such ill-conceived notions as “It will be the same no matter who is in charge,” and instead, we must be serious about electing a politician who can realize his or her wisdom. I want you to choose ゙. It’s the same no matter who does it! They should know that this corona measure is the result of the If the leader of Japan had been the leader of Australia or Taiwan, the number of infected people would surely have decreased. So, it’s not the same no matter who is doing it!
I hope that August 6 will be an opportunity to gradually change the discomfort felt by the Corona.