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Food will be the key to controlling explosive population growth

The harvesting season of mangoes🥭, an iconic fruit of the summer in Okinawa, is almost over.

I received lots of ripe mangoes from the person who had helped us clear the land for Speedy Farm #2.
Actually, he’s the owner of a huge mango farm, and he shared the mangoes with me as they have become too ripe to ship.

My involvement in farming has made me think about many things.
Farming focuses on what’s happening on the ground, and it’s essential for farmers to know when certain products are in season.

1. Farmers must produce crops by accurately determining the existing demand.
2. Farmers must identify natural risks such as typhoons and heavy wind.
3. Farmers must minimize food waste by ensuring efficient delivery.

I couldn’t help but wonder about the future of food while enjoying the most delicious mangoes I’ve ever tried.
There’s no doubt that humans would have to increasingly control food moving forward.

It’s almost certain that the world population will rise from 7.5 billion to over 10 billion by 2050, and the explosive population growth in Africa and India means that we would have to pivot to efficient, carbon-free agriculture.

We will also likely be able to tackle problems by drawing on various forms of technology, such as gene-edited crops and the development of cultured meat through biotechnology.

Controlling food will be the key to creating a healthy society, where individuals can enjoy longevity.