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Speedy Farm (High-tech Fram): Irrigation by Voice via Smartphone & Cultivation Management using Cloud Cameras

Speedy Farm The 2nd

We have expanded our operations to 6 farm plots in Nanjo, Okinawa, currently totaling 0.8 hectares.
Recently, we have been hardest at work preparing the land at [Farm 2] (350 tsubo) before we start planting the saplings.

・Large greenhouse
We built a greenhouse using wire mesh for the fence and windbreak netting to cover it! Total size: 9m x 24m = 216m2 (65 tsubo=equivalent to tennis court for doubles matches)

・Organic irrigation system (drip irrigation using natural groundwater)
Using natural groundwater from our well, we can efficiently irrigate crops from anywhere in the world using Siri voice commands on a smartphone. Of course, we can set a timer too. How high-tech and eco-friendly! 🥰

・Additionally, we installed cloud cameras. Using the EseeCloud app, the cameras can be moved up and down from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, while the camera feed can be monitored live, the video footage is also stored on the cloud in HD and can be played back anytime. It is useful for preventing theft and analyzing the cause of typhoon damages.
Farmhands don’t need a smartphone and can talk to me in Tokyo on my smartphone using an intercom.

For comparison, if I commissioned a major security firm to set this up, the video cameras would cost 500,000 yen and the footage will be saved on a hard disk! 😞 To cover the entirety of Speedy, it would cost a total of tens of millions of yen✨
Here, we will manage the cultivation of saplings that have just arrived, including the blue banana, Brazilian grapefruits (Jabuticaba), Okinawan Keitt mangoes, and more, in pots initially.

We plan to transplant the crops cultivated in [Farm 2] to [Farm 4] (600 tsubo) and beyond in the future.
Please look forward to the start of operations at the greenhouse!

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