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The era of Hybrid Works: A new way of work that moves freely between the real and virtual

The era of hybrid work. (Hybrid Works)

For many people, the word “hybrid” may bring to mind cars powered by gasoline and electricity.
The dictionary defines a hybrid as a thing or creature created through the combination or crossing of different things. In the case of animals, this may also be called a half-breed.

In the 21st century, smartphones capable of incredible feats of information processing have appeared, on the scale of two trillion times the arithmetic operation capabilities of the first computers born 80 years ago.

No matter how rural the setting, accessing the cloud by smartphone connects people to the virtual cyber world!

A person using a smartphone by the pool could be engaging in acts of social benefit, such as transferring a performance-based NFT to an underprivileged game-loving child in the Philippines.

The term “dual life” brings to mind the image of a semi-retired person going back and forth between Tokyo and Atami. I believe that a “hybrid life,” though, is a new way of working that freely shuttles between the real and the virtual.
The fact is that I can work normally no matter I am.

We are now living in the future.

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