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BUTSUGAKU – Lecture by Jun Fukuda at the Monology Study Group “After Corona: Living with the Five Senses” : Jun Fukuda

BUTSUGAKU – The Society for the Study of Physics
I was invited to give a lecture at the historic salon “Monology Study Group” run by architect and product designer Masayuki Kurokawa.
This study group has been in existence for 23 years since 1998. The event is held regularly. What an honor!
Monology” is the study of tools, furniture, architecture, and the environment as a single concept, and is a “study for creation” that tries to think about human life and the environment in a comprehensive manner.
My lecture, “After Corona: Living with the Five Senses,” was about the inevitability of history that coronas will lead to DXing and incredible innovations in the after corona. I spoke about such things with specific examples. The intellectual level of the members was much higher than mine, so the Q&A session was stimulating and enjoyable.
Photo shows Masayuki Kurokawa and organizer Akira Kurokawa.
The video of the lecture will be distributed at a later date below. Please register for this service.
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