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Why is brand value important? Kantar announces its most valuable brands for 2021

This year, Kantar has again released rankings for its KANTAR BRANDZ 2021 Most Valuable Gloabal Brands.

Why is brand value important?
If a company operates only with short-term goals such as its annual budget, it becomes a company that cannot withstand sudden events like the coronavirus.
To stay resilient, companies need long-term branding. For more on just how much branding can increase corporate value, see last year’s column below.

Here, I would like to summarize the rankings for 2021.
First, 74% of the total value of the top 100 companies consists of companies in the US. Chinese brands are rapidly joining the ranks. Chin’s Gen Z no longer depends on foreign brands. They want Chinese brands, and Chinese startups are leveraging their domestic success to pursue internationalization.

Four brands more than doubled their brand value, all of which were Chinese companies.

(1) Pinduoduo (拼多多)
A commerce site that offers cheap prices via group purchases

2) Meituan (美団)
A reviews and commerce site

(3) Moutai (茅台)
Distilled liquor made from kaoliang (a variety of sorghum)

(4) TikTok
A short video social networking site

Meanwhile, the lone Japanese company on the list was UNIQLO.
The brand ranked 7th on the list of top risers.
Other brands growing quickly worldwide include Lululemon (yoga wear), The Home Depot (DIY), and ZOOM (online meetings). Pushed by the effects of COVID-19, brands grew quickly in industries such as home-cooking, DIY, casual wear, health, and commerce.
If you plan to start a business or change an existing one, you should think more seriously about the usefulness of branding.

If you don’t know where to start, begin by reviewing your official website. Websites must have a UX (user interface) that suites the times.

The other day, Hideto Fujino of Rheos Capital Works shared the characteristics of a company with a good stock price.

Some points that stood out to me:

– A well-made website.
– The company president’s face is posted. (Even better if the director’s photo is also posted)
– The message from the president does not contain overly polite language that we do not normally use.
Note that all of this applies to our website (aha!)

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