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Leaving plastic bottles and returning to tea leaves: The “Cuzen Matcha” matcha machine + Matcha leaf subscriptions

I had a chat at a cafe with Mr. Eijiro Tsukada, a man who left Suntory just before the coronavirus pandemic to start his own business in Silicon Valley.

He specializes in tea leaves, having worked on the development of “Iyemon” while he was at Suntory. The company he established, WORLD MATCHA, operates in Japan and the US to provide matcha espresso machines and matcha tea. He hopes to help improve the global environment by helping us leave bottles behind, and bring tea leaves back to the fore.
Cuzen Matcha is a matcha machine that comes with a matcha leaf subscription.

We use it at home, and serve it to everyone who comes to visit. It makes matcha a breeze to make and serve.

While in Japan, Mr. Tsukada met Mr. Koizumi, the Minister of the Environment, and was able to inform him that Cuzen Matcha would be useful for maintaining a sustainable global environment. He even used this machine to make matcha for the campaign ceremony for Mr. Kono, who was candidate for prime minister.

Matcha was useful for boosting morale at the campaign ceremony. Mr. Tsukada is very blessed.
With health consciousness on the rise, his product has become popular in Silicon Valley. I’m looking forward to it coming to Japan too!

I promised to collaborate with him on something interesting in the near future, which I will announce soon.
Stay tuned!