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We will live dual lives in the metaverse

This morning, there was news that Facebook has changed its name to Meta. The company name will change but the brand name will not. The company name was changed to accelerate investment into the metaverse ($10 billion per year), so it seems the company intends to put in some serious effort.

“Metaverse” is a term coined by the science fiction writer Neal Stephenson. It was used in his 1992 novel “Snow Crash” and combines the words “meta” and “universe.” Nowadays, it is also a common term used to refer to services that provide virtual worlds.

Now, allow me to explain something to those of you who may think that your lives are unrelated to the metaverse.

Even taking photos for Instagram can be thought of as a kind of participation in the metaverse. Even if something doesn’t look good in reality, what matters is that it looks good online. It’s like a kind of cosmetic surgery for the internet.

Also, there was a tragic accident recently. Someone was hit by a train because they were too absorbed in their smartphone to notice a train coming down the tracks. These people, it is likely, no longer feel connected to the real world.

This is separate from what is good or what is bad. Without knowing it, we are living dual lives in two different worlds.
The image for this post is from Decentraland, which is something like the games Second Life and SimCity from the old days. For details, see the reference link below. If you want to build a gallery here, it costs about ¥50,000 to purchase land.

I went to see several NFT galleries, but most of the exhibited images simply link to OpenSea. This is a bit technical, but since you can’t enter Decentraland unless you connect a cryptocurrency wallet, and there are only about three million cryptocurrency accounts in Japan, with only a small fraction of these having wallets, the number of people that can enter is very small.
If the numbers increase, this could be the birth of a new economic zone.

By the way, if you change your avatar’s hair color, its eyebrow color changes too (haha).

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