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AI Salon](Organized by Speedy, Inc.) The 2nd AI Salon (Keynote Speech: Designer Shunji Yamanaka, AI in China: Chisato Kunimoto) was a great success!

AI Salon](Hosted by Speedy, Inc.) The second AI Salon was another great success!
Thank you to everyone who came.

Designer Shunji Yamanaka, a professor at the University of Tokyo, gave an intellectually exciting talk on “Kashikoso Kikai – Designing Behavior”!
I learned how people should respond to machines before AI, such as the secret story behind the development of the JR Suica ticket gate.

And the specific case study by Ms. Chisato Kunimoto, aka AI Sis, who is an expert on the AI situation in China, was terrific. So we are in an era in China where shopping carts come with automatic tracking.
The next meeting will be held in late August or early September due to summer vacation.
I’ll let you know!

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