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Healthy & Delicious Burger “Es Todo” in DTLA

I went to DTLA to eat the famous burger at “Es Todo”.
So delicious! And no matter how much you eat, it has a crisp aftertaste.  What is this! ? I asked the owner, Sarkis Vartanian.
A few years ago, she became sick with cancer and thought about her future.
He decided to stop eating meat and dairy. He closed his restaurant that she had been running, and reopened to serve healthy and delicious food.
This “impossible burger”  is the result of researching and creating all sorts of ingredients such as soybeans, avocados, and cooking oil. French fries, mayo, and ketchup are reproduced for vegans with the same taste it originally has.
Most vegan foods are not great but here it is simply delicious. Whether it ’s vegan or not! Just delicious.