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Speedy Will Make a Publishing Company that Publishes Interesting Authors Books Easily.

About a year ago, I talked with publishers about a 4th book and had a long discussion, but in the end the discussion became dull and ended up stopping the project.

・What’s your past performance as an author?
・how many followers do you have on SNS like twitter?
・Can you ask a famous person for a favor?

I know these major publishers and their protocol for how to sell. My 2nd to last work was published via Kodansha and after that, Shogakukan whose business I am now familiar.

However, these protocols don’t give chances to new and interesting authors. Bookstores only stick with the safe route and what’s familiar.

Since publishing is also a company, it has a large corporate disease of history and recession. At a project meeting, if you suggest a something challenging, the only thing publishers will say is,  “Is it sure to be a hit?” The answer is, “I don’t know.”

Younger companies have nothing to lose, so you can boldly challenge the company and gain great success. The IT company I was in around the year 2000 was like this. They challenge anyone and some were very successful while some left the market without any success.

Originally, the entertainment industry such as publishing, television and film has an intense hit or miss than ordinary companies. It has a gambling structure where 1 successful film can cancels the failures of 9 other works. Your courage and sense are tested.

Once a company becomes large, management seeks stable measures. As a result, movie studios only make TV hit series films, and and TV works only on hit originals. Eventually, the head of movies and television will become bored, and the meat will spoil.

The television and film industry can’t just look around for proof of the publishing recession. An amazing company like Netflix has been born. This year’s Academy Awards nominated Netflix films over other major studios with maximum number of nominations (24 films, more than Disney). Not only that, these films were not shown in theaters, much less through film companies or television programs. Netflix’s story of success leads to potential opportunity.

Let’s return to the topic of publishing. The business structure of publishing goes like this: writer→publishing company→distributor→bookstore. Only in the entertainment industry→is a field that holds inventory. Even now music is based on distribution but, the adoption of Kindle in Japan is slow.

Due to the large number of distribution channels and the risk of inventory, The most upstream author will only receive 10% of the selling price. Selling price at 1,500 yen means you get 150 yen. So even if you sell 10,000 copies, you only receive 1,500,000 yen ($13569.56 USD).

This means, the only way to make money is to do it yourself. Make your own publishing company, and sell books at your own risk. At the same time, you don’t have to publish your own books, but the books of your comrades, as well. We will announce the format of Speedy Books at a later date. To be continued…