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Speedy, Inc Launches New Publishing Enterprise, “Speedy Books.”

Speedy, Inc. launches its new publishing enterprise. We have received the publishing code and finished filling out necessary forms. I’m very excited for this lineup. I want to release one book every month!

ISBN: 909806
The book Mr. Fukuda plans to sell: ISBN 978‐4‐909806-03-1


Speedy Books doesn’t just aim to sell well, we aim to be a punk, intellectual publishing company that smashes the other existing authoritarian publishing industries.

The aim doesn’t seek an author’s past achievements.  We don’t need famous followers from SNS, either.

If the person is an interesting intellectual, they ought to be able to publish a book.

We don’t want to sell Speedy Books at a regular bookstore. We only plan to sell on Amazon and Kindle. This is so that we don’t waste paper with print-on-demand. We are a publishing company that is environmentally conscious.

Please, lend me your support.

Speedy, Inc.
Atsushi Fukuda / 福田 淳