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MTV Exclusive Live: NON KAIWA FES vol.2 “NON” Home Festival Broadcast!

MTV Exclusive Live: NON KAIWA FES vol.2

Finally #NONHOMEFEST will broadcast!

<Program broadcast>
Program name:「MTV LIVE:NON KAIWA FES vol.2」
Broadcasting date:March 29th, 2020(Sun)6pm-8pm

How to watch:SKY PerfecTV! or cable TV

<NON’s Home Festival Urgent Project>
For people who can’t go outside and are spending everyday in their rooms.
Everyone, how about participating in this project from your own rooms? I thought about this and I realized I have this song “Watashi ha Heyaju”  which roughly translates to “I am what makes my room full.” In the center of this song, I thought to do this project of finding ways to have fun everyday for the people who are stuck in their rooms day after day.  hashtag, #みんなの部屋充 企画!#minnanoheyajukikaku!  (#everyonesroomproject!).

NON- Watashi ha Heyaju【official music video】


This is her second festival with the first time being with all male artists performing aside from NON,  which turned into the theme this time being “A Girls Rage Can Spark Positive Energy.” NON leads starting with NON Cigarettes,  Mao Abe, Legal Lily, and Chirinuruwaka for a powerful rock festival performance.