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“NON” On the Cover of Naoki Matayoshi’s Autobiographical Essay Collection “Tokyo Hyakkei”

NON is on the cover of famous Japanese comedian, screenwriter and novelist Naoki Matayoshi’s autobiographical essay collection “Tokyo Hyakkei” (100 Views of Tokyo).
NON, who presents the pain of youth with 100% purity, is a masterpiece.

Naoki Matayoshi won the Akutagawa Prize in Japan for his book, Hibana (火花、Spark), which became a Netflix series. In April, with roots from the original film “Gekijo,” he will release a paperback for the first time in 7 years of 100 edition essays called “Tokyo Hyakkei.
To commemorate the publication, author, Naoki Matayoshi, and cover model, NON, collaborate in a video on Yoshimoto (Kogyo) YouTube channel.

Tokyo Hyakkei”
Author Naoki Matayoshi
Cover Model NON
Cover Title  Naoki Matayoshi
Publishing Company KADOKAWA
Listing Price 660 Japanese yen (tax excluded)
Release Date April 10th, 2020