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YOUR HOUSE = LIVE HOUSE!? “Enjoy Music at Home With NON’s Online Live” (Sponsored by Speedy, Inc.) Tickets Now Available!

This is NON’s first time participating in a ”Speedy LIVE!” event launched by Speedy, Inc.
Since it’s live streaming,  you can only see it once, so don’t miss this chance! Let’s enjoy music at home, together!

“Enjoy Music at Home With NON’s Online Live”
Your House = Live House!? “NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE”

May 5th (Tues), 2020 6pm-6:40pm (40 min)

Performing artist:  NON with guitarist, Kei Higuchi
Format: Live Broadcasting
Medium:  fanicon application only  *We are researching PC mediums for next time
Ticket:  ¥980 (tax included)
※Purchasing of tickets and viewing is via fanicon application. Non-fanclub members can also purchase tickets.

How to Purchase: New members

1. First, download the free app.

2. Open the app, go to the TOP menu and tap: 「#ライブを止めるな」#raibu wo tomeru na (Don’t Stop the Live)
*Be careful because there is no button. Simply press the image.

From the Timetable choose:  「NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE」.
Then, the billing screen will appear, where you can purchase via smartphone.

3. Open the fanicon app on May 5th at 6pm, you will be able to open the live for your viewing.

A comment from “NON”

“Due to COVID-19, music festivals and lives have been cancelled and movie production has been put on hold. Entertainment is my life’s work, and I can’t see myself doing anything else.
I have done various forms of entertainment such as music and movies which have become my source of encouragement. If there wasn’t this entertainment world that I believe in, I wouldn’t have been able to overcome so many things.  In order to connect this, I want to live by entertaining people.
I’m earnestly searching for new ways to perform. With this project,  I want to give a live performance different from all the previous lives, so everyone can have and enjoy the ultimate experience.
Everyone’s house will become a live house! I want to make this a fun live for everyone!”