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Corona Thoughts: What is the Identity of This Strange Idiotic Power?

Due to COVID-19, everyone has been suffering in some way. However,  in times like this, some people will show display of strange idiotic power.

The other day, I had a discussion with a president of a leading company who said that even though his sales have reduced by 90%, he is unbelievably energetic and positive as he spoke about post-Corona which I found to be impressive.

I apologize for the unscrupulous example, but I am the type to sit with his grandchild at the beach and watch as a typhoon approaches. ←Sorry!

I’m not here to talk about good and evil or something like that. I want to talk about a sense of value. Therefore, the press waiting and parks and airports cannot be seen as a synchronizing pressure machine that participated in the announcement of the main headquarters during the war.

That point being said, the coverage of an old woman in Osaka going to Pachinko (slot machine gambling) was exciting.

Journalist: “Do you not feel a risk coming to this place?”
Woman: “My only risk is losing a game.” (smart remark)

It’s a feeling of overwhelming energy overturning common sense. I’m thinking that this is what’s important right now. I’ll say it again that this is not about good or bad.

An element of “strange idiotic power” has been created.

Antisense (understanding common sense but doing the opposite) + creativity (the power of wanting to try something new) + power of execution(not tomorrow, now!)

The old woman who went to Pachinko is like “Armageddon” when the day for humankind to save the earth is coming near.

“Everyone, you’re all too scared to go out?  Well, this grandma is going to go blow up a meteorite! If I survive, give me a bonus!”