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After Corona Thoughts: What’s Fashionable & What’s Obsolete


What I thought about reading an article from the Toyo Keizai below.
The reason lipstick can’t sell anymore is because people are wearing masks which is easily understandable, but, rather than this phenomenon, I think it’s most important for market researchers to think about after Corona.

The things that you “touch” that you avoid now vs the things you “don’t touch” become popular.

Platter → bento box
Party → social withdrawal
door knob → automatic door
Share ride → autonomous car
Packed train → traveling alone *Remote work does not take part
Kiss → reading
Cash→ electronic money
Office → digital nomad

There are business opportunities for industries that being avoided, too.
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The Difference Between Things That Sell & Don’t: Specialty Ingredients(Sell) & Lipstick (Don’t)| Consumption & Marketing-Toyo Keizai Online (Japanese)