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“NON” Becomes the First Ambassador for Shogakukan’s “Oishii Shosetsu!”

“NON” becomes the first ambassador for Shogakukan’s “Oishii Shosetsu!”

What is Oishii Shosetsu?
・a book specializing in recipes, gourmet,  and restaurants that comes out every three months, publishing around 3 works.
・Serial drama, Kamogawa Shokudo Series, Hisashi Kashiwai and other skilled riders participate  
・In regards to disovering new writiers, linked to “Japan Oishii Shoesetsu Award” (First Grand Prize, “Nana-do Waraeba, Koi no Aji” (If You Laugh 7 Times, the Taste of Love” )).

First Issue Lineup
・”Nakiowattara Gohan ni Shiyou” (After You’re Done Crying, Let’s Eat)(Masami Takeuchi・Author/base price ¥600+tax)
・”Koori to Mitsu” (Ice & Honey) ((Sakusaku Sorun・author/base price ¥630+tax)
“Kamogawa Shokudo Motenashi” (Kamogawa Dining Hall Hospitality)(Hisashi Kashiwai・author/base price ¥650+tax)

A comment from “NON”

“I had the honor of being a voice actress for the film “In this Corner of the World,” where I was able to really experience the love of eating.  And, the stories that come from food have a mysterious charm. Even if it’s a dish I’ve already eaten, it looks strangely delicious. As the first ambassador, if I can communicate the fun of food, that would be amazing!”