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Post Corona Thoughts: Let’s Get Rid of the Office!



The ultimate work style reform is to turn the city…the world into an office.

Speedy, Inc. has thrown away its office (for registration and postal service reasons, the company is still under the same address, but there are no longer and desks or staff working there). Employees can work anywhere at any time.

Before COVID-19, I thought of the office simply as a place to do work, not a workplace. In that case, you can do work at Starbucks or anywhere. Work is not just a place to do work. It’s a place to discover places in the world and connect with people you’re interested in and that’s where the real work begins.

In other words, the breakdown of work is made up of a combination of “location and work.” The main thing I’m doing via remote work is working. The location just became Starbucks or home. What you should think about is what you will do with location from now on. Naturally, after Corona, the way we work will change from before due to a change of location. You can’t go to the places you could before or meet people.

That’s why digital work is an important skill.
Fortunately, I’ve run a modern digital marketing company since the rise of the internet, so I understand both analog and digital.
From now own, the world will become keenly and aware of the importance of digital power.

You can understand the importance of digital power by looking at each countries COVID-19 measures. Political leaders who lack in skill become apparent.
Countries such as Taiwan, Germany and Korea deemed victorious by containing the virus digitally.

On the other hand, I worry about the future of countries in which there are cyber ministers who cannot use a computer.