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Conceptor, Naoki Sakai’s New Publication “Curiosity & Innovation” Release Commemoration Discussion!(Naoki Sakai × JINS Holdings Hitoshi Tanaka × Atsushi Fukuda)

Naoki Sakai, who is a conceptor, and also the chairman of Speedy, Inc, has released a new publication for the first time in 14 years titled “Koukishin to inobeeshon” (Curiosity & Innovation).

To commemorate, organized as a publicity conference, JINS Holdings CEO Hitoshi Tanaka, Mr. Sakai and I had a round-table discussion via Zoom. The theme was “Post Corona Innovation.”
You can’t even believe the conversation is about Corona, it’s so lively.
I encourage you to view our discussion (22min.).


The publication is extremely stimulating. Many of my friends are mentioned.

■Discussion 1 Seigou Matsuoka(editing engineer)
The office disappears from the company, does robbery disappear from the town?
■Disccusion 2 Toshiyuki Inoko(teamLab Founder and Chief Representative)
Human interest shifts to what expands the brain.
■Discussion 3 Chinsho Natsuyo(DIGDOG llc, CEO/Creative Director)
I didn’t think the day would come when the world imitate Chinese services
■Discussion 4 Yuki Naruse(Serial entrepreneur)
Don’t you think you can’t live if you run out of money?
■Discussion 5 Ryo Shimizu(Ghelia Inc.)
Before discussing artificial intelligence, what is human intelligence in the first place?
■Discussion 6 Yukiko Yamaguchi(Panasonic)
What you need to make a strong organization? Let’s seriously face “diversity.”
■Discussion 7 Masashichi Nakagawa(J-naradewa Chairman)
A 300 year long established store looking ahead, what is the ideal way of manufacturing and business?
■Discussion 8 Hitoshi Tanaka(JINS Holdings CEO)
Opening your field of vision, how do you come up with ideas?

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