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After Corona Thoughts: The Feelings of Society Differing From Your Own.

“It’s that feeling that’s the problem.”

As long as people live in society, problems related to feelings will always exist.
On the other hand, viruses, typhoons, meteorites are natural problems, and without any concern for feelings, they mercilessly destroy people’s lives. These guys can’t read the room.

Year ago, a volcano erupted and there were people on the news screaming, “The administration isn’t doing anything!” However, the government can’t just suddenly control a natural disaster, and I feel sorry for them as I wonder about the situation.

During lockdown, if you participate in shot competitions in Roppongi or travel to places like Okinawa, you are punished by society. This seems to be common sense in the entertainment world where the highest level of morals has passed.  Even the crisis of celebrities lives. It’s better to disturb social order than the virus.

But, from yesterday on, it’s okay to be free, right?
The lessons learned from the tsunami of  Great East Japan Earthquake, led me to the south with thoughts of “Run away!” However, looking at the social situation afterwords, made me fear what punishment awaits me back in Tokyo.

In everyone’s #NewNormal, we should all learn to forgive more.
Otherwise, people will start having to run away even further.