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YouTuber, Yuka Kinoshita : First Live Stream in China a Huge Success!(Collabo Technology Inc. x Speedy, Inc.)

Live streaming ended!
133,229,000 people from Mainland China watched the live stream!

Yuka Kinoshita has an astonishing following of  5.48 million  and is a top class YouTuber. On Chinese Weibo (which is like Twitter) she has a following of 2.66 million and is considered top class among Japanese stars in China.

Her first live stream for China was hosted by Collabo Technology Inc. and Speedy, Inc.

This live stream featured Yuka Kinoshita talking with Lilie Matsumine, who is a famous Japanese actress in China, as she eats Ippudo ramen. You can rewatch the live stream in the links below.

This series will continues, so people trying to advance in business in China, please take note