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The sigmoid curve shows the world in a flying leap!

I first learned the term “sigmoid curve” (sigmoid curve) at a meeting.

In the field of pharmacology, an S-shaped curve that represents the relationship between the dose of a drug taken and its effect on the body.

It would be nice if all the effort we put into our work would lead to results, but it is not that easy. Just because you do a lot of work doesn’t mean you will always succeed.

On the other hand, one may experience a sense of breakthrough, such as a sudden, dramatic improvement in one’s work skills. This is an indication that the results are not in proportion to the effort put in. This is a well-known formula that expresses the relationship between such effort and results.

When I saw Sugimoto’s art, the puckishness of it reminded me of a zigmoid curve.

The exhibition was held as a kick-off of the 86-year-old Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art (now renamed the Kyocera Museum of Art) after three years of renovation and a Corona break.
At Hiroshi Sugimoto’s “Ruri no Jodo” (The Pure Land of Ruri).