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After Corona Thoughts: Zen Way of Thinking to Escape from the Filter Bubble

I decided to go all black.
I received this extremely breathable mask (HOSO ATPO.) from stylist, Tomoko Sato. I can’t wear a white T-shirt with a black mask, so I ended up with a burglar style. lol.

Recently, I’ve spent long hours at home, so I’ve been receiving Netflix recommendations. My recommendations such as “Into the Night” or “Snowpiercer” are completely ignored.

Everyone is recommending the Korean drama “Crash Landing on You.” I can understand this, but if you look at anything other than “recommendations,” you can’t enter into conversations with other people. In other words, it’s not just about the the quality of the drama/film, it’s the viewing standards that are important.

When you’re in your own filter bubble (when you only care about your own interests) it’s comfortable.
I might be overthinking, but I think this kind of recent susceptibility is reflected in voting behavior.

Everyday, I live by receiving influence from others. That’s why I think maybe you need a Zen way of thinking to put your thoughts together.

New publication information:
“Artists as the Next Leaders 〜Creative Minds Post Corona”