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CEO Activism : What is Corporate Management Where You Can See the President’s Face?

There’s a term, “CEO Activism.”

Leaders speak and act on social and political issues that are not directly related to the company’s interests.
Even in the entertainment industry, people like Kyoko Koizumi talk about politics, Rola talks about the environment with pros and cons but,  given the global trends, these statements are only natural.

In the 20th century, the only external activity of companies was to sell their products and services with PR.(Public Relations)

In the 21st century, IR (Investor Relations) became important because it became easy to buy individual stocks online.

Whatever came next, no matter how profitable it was, HR (Human Resources) became important from the feeling that there should not be any power harassment or long overtime work.

And in recent years, companies feel that they must be more useful to society and the environment with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) becoming more important.

Based on the 4 R’s (PR, IR, HR, CSR), in addition to the CEO or company, it’s important to think about the point of contact with society and implementing these points.

Can you think of a company CEO face that you know?

How Will Towers of「CEO Activism」Reach Out to the World? (Japanese)

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