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“NON” as the Navigator for Radio Program, “FROM THE NEXT ERA” with Guest, Kaori Momoi!

NON is the navigator for J-WAVE’s radio program, “FROM THE NEXT ERA.”
The guest this time is actress and film director based in Los Angeles, Kaori Momoi.

The great thing about this program is that, if you miss it, you can listen again on YouTube or Podcast.

During the radio program, Ms. Momoi spoke about how, as an actress, she gave herself a clear color, for example, she only chose green as a career, so she would repeat green for her career, and when she left, she could see herself as that green, so now she wonders what it would be like to mix the green with other colors which was very impressionable.

Originally, I thought that humans enjoyed their changes and tried new ways of living.
Please, listen to this program.
【NON×Kaori Momoi】The Two Selves, Actress and Director, Talk about Film