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After Corona Thoughts: Make the World Live Longer “weMORI Project”

The greatest achievement invented is “time.”

What happens when civilization advances and technology makes everything convenient?
In the early days, it took a daunting amount of time to search for dead trees, to create fire by friction, and catch fish from the ocean to fry and eat, but that time has long gone and passed.

In the 21st century,  someone catches and cooks for us and we just heat it up in the microwave to eat. The preparation to eat can be made in a matter of minutes.

Due to drastic change, an enormous amount of free time was born. To spend this free time, some people try to cook more elaborate meals, while others play games or with their smartphones. I think the Zen (mindfulness) boom is also another way.

Humans have created civilizations to overcome their weaknesses. Clothing was made because of the cold, coolers were made because of the heat, walking alone is hard work so things like cars and airplanes were created.  The more inventions that are born, the more endless amounts of free time we create.

With this endless amount of time, what people should do is invent ways to #maketheearthlivelonger. Now even if you say “Be symbiotic with nature” or “Be kind to the earth”, it doesn’t reach. People won’t listen unless you say, “You think you understand coronavirus, but viruses and nature are scary, so if you continue to only think about money, generate thermal power, get on that airplane, and eat nothing but meat,  the earth will die.”

That’s why I want to support ally, Ian Shimizu who advocates weMORI Project. Please check out the site by clicking the link below.

weMORI: An App to Regenerate the Earth