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New Album Release! Ray Yamada “Kimi ha Dareka no Hero” 〜To the first responder〜

Ray Yamada’s new album is now available!  (Release date: July 31st, 2020)

The songs in this album were all written and recorded during this time of pandemic.
Music♬ is the only thing that can heal the world in times like this.
Please, listen and feel the emotional scenery that is expressed in Ray Yamada’s new album.

The subtitle, First Responder, is referring to the people who are first to come to the scene during an emergency such as firefighters, doctors, and police officers.
Therefore, Speedy, Inc. will be giving part of the profit of this work to first responders who are always on the frontlines doing their best even in this time of pandemic.  ↓
◆”Supporting Doctors and Nurses Who are on the Frontlines During the Novel Coronavirus with Meals” RCF

Ray Yamada “Kimi ha Dare Ka no Hero” (You are Somebody’s Hero) 〜To the first responder〜
(Whole album: 14min.54sec.)
1. Digital Indian
2. Omoijima (Island of Thoughts)
3. Ai Koso Subete Kyoso Kyoku (Love is All a Fantasy)
4. Kimi ha Dare ka no Hero (You are Somebody’s Hero)

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