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Speedy Books, An Alternative Publishing Company Made Entirely of Independent Contract Workers!

It’s okay to make Speedy Books with great momentum, but I’m a layman when it comes to publishing practices.

However, I would like to mention at this stage that it consists of many unsung heroes.

Speedy Books main battle is in the English-speaking world. It consists of 5 work parts.

1. Freelance editor-in-chief, Junko Io
First, the entire construction of the concept (menu) of my new publication,  “Artists As the Next Leaders〜Creative Minds Post Corona” is created. I tried to write a story that was easy for all people to understand about the ideal way to live in a near future society.
The interview according to each menu, was conducted by my friend from university editor-in-chief, Junko Io and, from there, each chapter was created. We’ve been working together for years, so she understands my slight nuances as well.

2. The Blind Writers LLC
Professional staff, including Naomi Kobayashi of Blind Writers, who is in charge of transcription, creates audio for the visual impaired.


She always gives me her impressions at the end of every transcription, so I am more than happy to place and accept orders from her. I really rely on her. She is often in charge of the transcription for the 「Talked」(トークド site and she accurately transcribes even me when I talk very quickly.

3. Revision
I didn’t understand the importance of revision. Just the recognition of a simple particle function could change a sentence completely. The first edition doesn’t include any professional revisions. However, advisor Shinsuke Tsutsumi pointed out that “There’s no end to revising!” and corrected the idea.  I quickly requested a professional for revision. It will be reflected in the second printing. Professional revisionists even ask whether the authors intentions are historically correct. ↓See below, for reference.

This time, I called upon freelancer, S. A pro among pros, S has done revisions for Shogakukan academic journals, early childhood education books and world culture publishing, , KADOKAWA, Poplar Publishing, Co., Ltd., Minervashobo and more.

4. gengo
A Crowdfunding company started by an acquaintance of one of my staff members.
The translators are by level and you can choose someone based on your budget and the information that needs to be translated. The price ranges from ¥5-14 per character depending on the level. A business book is about 60,000 characters, so that’s about ¥540,000 altogether (¥9 unit price). The cost of producing a traditional company’s English translation book is 23 million yen, so you can see how cheap it is. Crowdsourcing also provides more translators jobs for the ever-decreasing industry.

Not only do they offer English translation, but a separate person will proof read the translation. When choosing a translator, you can test their ability by having them translate a paragraph. This can be done in a matter of days. The level is really high.

5. Book Espresso Machine
For the sales of my book this time, I’m receiving 70% from paperback and 30% from Kindle. Japan can’t seem to get rid of paperback copies yet. However, with Amazon POD (Print On Demand), there is no inventory. The books are made by order and are shipped out the next day.

This time, Gakken Publishing handles as an agent of Amazon POD for Japan.  The English version is a direct contract with Amazon.

A book manufacturing machine takes about 6 minutes to complete a book. Please see the cool video.


Those are the 5 parts of Speedy Books.
No one employee is involved in the production process.
All workers are on independent contract.