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Online Play! Eri Watanabe and Hana Kino’s First 2-Person Play “Sarusuberi~Corona no Koro~” Tomorrow, August 8th from 5pm〜

Eri Watanabe and Hana Kino perform in their first 2-person play!
This project’s concept is “memeshiki chikara” (effeminate power) was planned to bring together female drama writers to hold a play festival.

The original objective of this project was to point out that if we do not eliminate gender discrimination in the entertainment industry, the rest of society affected by it will not change.
Producers, directors, clients are all men, which makes it hard for women to receive the roles that they want to play. Why is it that a role to play a mother easily offered but not a cold female murderer role?

This project was in the works, but due to the pandemic, the scope and plan changed.

First, for those of you how can’t see the first performance in theatre, please watch it tomorrow online! It’s gaining a lot of popularity.
“Sarusuberi〜Corona no Koro” the play will be performed at “Za Koenji” from August 5th, but tomorrow, August 8th, there will be a #SpeedyLive! supported online viewing!

Story:  2人の老女優は「八月の鯨」を演じようと劇場に向かうが、記憶が飛んでしまい……。

『さるすべり~コロナノコロ~』“Sarusuberi〜Corona no Koro”
Live Streaming Date: August 8th, 2020 (Sat) from 5:00pm
Please purchase your streaming tickets here. The information on both purchasing sites is the same.
※ archive steaming available until August 11th (Tues) 6:30pm
Ticket Price: ¥1,500(w/ tax)

Work: Eri Watanabe
Joint Production: Eri Watanabe, Hana Kino
Performers: Hana Kino, Eri Watanabe
Playing: Momoko Aida (violin), Yuji Kawamoto (bass)