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What I’m really grateful for is in these past few days, I’ve been receiving kind messages from people asking, “Is everything okay in Okinawa?”

One concern is the sudden increase in those infected by coronavirus. The other is the typhoon.

On August 8th, there were 5 seriously ill people. The maximum number of people in April was 13, and there was no medical breakdown. This is due to an increase in the number of inspections, which is the same as in Tokyo. The number of younger people is increasing, and there are no serious cases.

I try to be careful not to leave the cottage of Nanjo in the countryside.

Next is Typhoon No. 5. There have been a few in the past week. Typhoons occur in the waters between Ishigaki and the Philippines. Ishigaki and Okinawa main island are more than 400 km apart (about the distance between Tokyo and Osaka), so it usually weakens when coming to Okinawa’s main island. This time the winds are strong, but it’s fine at the moment.

If you think about it, people’s perceptions are often not factual (correctly looking at the world based on data).

Japan’s news reports things on a unit basis, so even in the event of a Hokkaido earthquake, it’s possible to get a flash report on a completely unrelated on Okinawan television.

Rather, I think it is more practical for people in Okinawa to share news and weather in the economic areas around Kyushu, the Okinawa Islands and Taiwan. Many everyday vegetables are sent from Kagoshima (Kyushu).

I wonder if this makes us think about Japan as a unit, or maybe it makes the Japanese feel Japanese.

Postscript: The photo was taken only in the moonlight. It’s breathtaking.