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The Secret Hit : It Won’t Hit・It Hit・Hit・Hit・Please Hit・Please Hit

If you’re in the entertainment industry as long as I have been, you’re often asked “What’s the secret to a hit?”

Hits are called mizumono (water). It comes from the unwillingness of the business to run like flowing water.

Hits would be great if they were like weather forecasts, but the percentage is not that high. Marketing research is not as predictive of the future as it is when looking at weather charts from the past.
Well then, what is the secret to a hit?

First, while trying to rearrange yourself from all directions, take a jump and dive, sometimes try drinking seawater, and start by having the feeling of, “Oh there’s a world out here like this.”

Postscript: The other day, during my discussion with Naoki Sakai, we reread “Ataran, Atari, Ataru, Ataru, Atare, Atare Kassai no Jissho” (The SANNO Institute of Management Publishing, 1972) by author, Masakazu Kotani, when asked about the secret of a hit. (Japanese)