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What You Need for DX in Japan(Digital Transformation)


Looking at the reality of Okinawa, I can only feel despair when it comes to the current central politics.

Politics may be just a number but, in reality, the prime minister and the intentions surrounding him may have been operated by Japan. Isn’t it the current situation that the numbers aren’t reflected at all?

This is because the Cabinet is proceeding without democratic procedure one after another with large budget projects that must be deliberated in the Diet.

Even the majority of the ruling party seem to be moving forward without being informed.
If the Diet is over, and the prime minister should hold a session for any issue at all, it won’t hold at all. That’s also progress is slow when it comes to coronavirus measures. Even if the Medical Association made strong requests to the prime minister, the reaction would be sluggish.

I think the only way to break the current situation is to hold an online general election.
I think it would be a good idea to make a National Rescue Cabinet for the battle against coronavirus.
The issue is “post corona”.

I will vote for the legislators based on qualifications regardless of political party. Even if you decide by “herd” mentality, it will not give a bad result. Regardless of the political party, whether it be the ruling party or opposing party, great people should be sent to the national administration. If there’s great people, you can make a “good herd.” However, if you select by “herd” mentality, even if a great person can lose to the logic of the organization and can’t achieve anything.

For that, I think it’s important to select a politician who meet the 3 conditions below.

・Age doesn’t matter as long as your thoughts are young! You can think about and implement a policy on a national policy with speed.
・IT literate!
You must be able to DX with other countries.
・Bargaining power to cross other countries!
Must be diverse.

What is the policy axis…

・Care and expansion of medical system for front responders  (cutting edge healthcare workers).
・Promote consumption by reducing consumption tax with temporary legislation.
・Sufficient compensation for request for leave and additional benefits for the second wave stimulus.

In any case, I think it is important to have a new Cabinet that can steadily implement policies for next summer when the spread of the vaccine will be necessary.