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Amamikyo Descended to Hyakuna Beach and Created the Ryukyu Islands

A long time ago, the goddess, Amamikyo, commanded by the sun, and came from “Kami no Shima” Kudakajima to Hyakuna Beach in Nanjo, creating the Ryukyu Islands.
There are many myths in Ryukyu that consider hermit crabs to be of human origin. The world a long time ago was regarded as “Aman (hermit crab) Yu”  meaning “The World of Hermit Crabs.”
The hermit crab ate the seed of the Adan tree and was reborn as human.
That’s why hermit crabs are enshrined during Obon in Okinawa.
When I offered a pineapple and peaches, an extremely large hermit crab at them.
This seems like very good luck. Amazing!