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The Story of Haruo Joguchi Who Continued to Live a Hermit Life on the Island of Okinawa

I heard from my friend Nōri before, that there is a hermit in Okinawa.

The hermit’s name is Jōji. His real name is Haruo Joguchi and he is probably around 76 years old.
For 46 years, he’s lived without electricity or civilization in the jungle of Miyajima living a hidden life.

When he was young, he was a part of a tuna fishing boat crew and worked hard from morning to night but was desperate to find out that his uncle, who raised him, had run out of money.

From then on, he wanted to live a life that had no connection to money, so he moved to around the island until he ended up in Miyagijima, close to his birthplace.
From then on, he fished and listened to a portable radio for information while enjoying his live in the jungle.

When Nori was working at his kayaking job, he came across Jōji while kayaking around the ocean. The two of them talked enthusiastically several times, and Nori was taught a new way of life.
I would like to write about this story thoroughly another time.

Now then, as I finally had plans to meet Jōji, it grieves me to say that he had passed away a month prior. Even so, I went to his memorial service. As he had no family register, his wish was to return to the sand and soil.

There are various way to live. I wonder if there are people see the reality in front of them and can accept that lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I was unable to meet Jōji, but when hearing about his way of life, I feel that, even now, there are still many things that need to be taught to people around the world.

I pray for your soul from the bottom of my heart.

Sold by my Uncle during the Vietnam War, Tuna Fishing Boat…Okinawa Island ¥0 Hermit Lifestyle/ TV Tokyo Plus (Japanese)