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Learn “Zen” as a New Idea Method from “Zen For Business Elites”, Zenryu Kawakami

I had a discussion with the author of “Zen For Business Elites” and Deputy Head Priest of Myoshinji Temple, Zenryu (Takafumi) Kawakami.

At the beginning of April, I joined his “Zoom Zazenkai.”
His logical style is fascinating. Not the image that Japanese people hold (zen=penance), but to relax yourself, and properly recognize the world, bringing new awareness.
Zen as a new idea method.

“What is needed to heighten creativity? For one answer, we can use the Zen Buddhist way of thinking, which is seeing things as they are without subjectivity. (omission)
To do something like this, you adjust the condition of the mind and body so you can think this way. Rather than pressuring yourself, it’s important to allow this to happen.  I think Japanese people these days try not to have room for this allowance.  Because of this problem I want to spread the concept of mindfulness. For one’s own ideas, it’s important to be in a relaxed state.”

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